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1. The biology major will be able to demonstrate familiarity with factual knowledge and fundamental theories relating to the three core subject areas that define the discipline: Organismal; Cell & Molecular; and Ecology & 进化.

2. 生物学专业的学生将能够十大网投平台信誉排行榜-十大靠谱信誉平台-apple app store-十大网投平台信誉排行榜-十大网投平台信誉有限公司定量技术和分析来建模和测试假设, 同时也要熟悉化学的基本概念.

3. The biology major will be able to demonstrate research skills including: finding and evaluating pertinent scientific information; the formulation of scientific hypotheses; tabulating data; explaining and presenting scientific information quantitatively; and understanding and critically evaluating primary research.

4. 生物学专业的学生将精通用口头和书面形式交流思想.

5. 生物学专业的学生将能够通过与教职员工和同学的合作,展示出创造和促进科学社区发展的能力.